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Welcome to D’s Epoxy Creates! We are your epoxy distribution experts and provide high-quality epoxy and concrete coating products. With our range of epoxies and liquid coatings, you can create beautiful works of art, or simply protect a project for years to come.


Our epoxy is the purest of the pure, so when you choose us as your epoxy distributor, you’re getting the best epoxy available. We carry PurePoxy and our signature product, IceEpoxy—a crystal clear epoxy perfect for deep pours and surface epoxies that can make any project a reality.


We not only provide epoxies and supplies, but we also offer workshops to get you started in the epoxy world. Learn all about epoxy types, techniques, molds, dyes, powders, and more! Our experienced epoxy professionals will make sure you leave the workshop feeling confident and knowledgeable in epoxy usage.


At D’s Epoxy Creates, epoxy artistry is our passion, and helping you create the epoxy project of your dreams is our mission. We know epoxy better than anyone else—be it for a creative art project or to protect a work surface, you can count on us! Shop with us today and get epoxied!


Looking for a reliable, knowledgeable contractor experienced with epoxy floors and countertops?  We can help you with that...

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