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Flooring Systems


Flake Flooring System

Transform your home or business with Flake Flooring System! Our multi-coat broadcast concrete coating system offers a vast selection of colors and custom creations tailored to suit any space. It provides superior traction, chemical resistance from gasoline, oil and deicing salts that make it the perfect all climate option for garages, recreational facilities and more - even during cold weather installation! Plus no hot tire pickup means less future maintenance - exactly what you need in today’s world. Get creative with our terrazzo-like seamless flooring options now – they won't disappoint!

Metallic Flooring System

A Metallic Flooring System is a stunning choice for residential, commercial and industrial use. With its impressive selection of brilliant colors and unique design capabilities, it offers vibrant color combinations that will bring any space to life. The two- or three-coat application process can be completed in just a few days with minimal disruption; the UV stability gives you longevity without fading your beautiful results over time! Whether you're looking for an eye-catching entryway/lobby display in retail stores or simply craving some extra shine at home - PurEpoxy has got what you need.


Solid Colour Flooring System

Check out PurEpoxy Solid Colour, the ultimate two-component epoxy coating system with no solvents! This incredibly durable surface is resistant to bacteria and moisture for easy cleaning. Not only that but it has excellent adhesive properties so you can apply multiple layers without worry. Popular applications include animal shelters, commercial kitchens, the pharmaceutical industry, and many more uses in light or heavy industries as well as even your own garage space! Get this revolutionary product today - trust us when we say it's worth its weight in gold (or at least rock-hard polymer).

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