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ICECAST is a two-component epoxy casting system. It is UV resistant and has anti-yellowing properties, strong adhesion, good fluidity, natural defoaming. It is used for mass castings with thicknesses greater than 1 inch. and up to 4 inches. is designed for casting, potting, and embedding applications. The low color and low viscosity allow for bubble-free, crystal clear castings ideal for art and hobby applications. It is formulated for a long gel time, with low exothermic heat buildup. ICECAST has a low VOC content, for user safety and reduced environmental impact.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

ICE-Craft is used to obtain a highly durable finish for any tumblers, casting art projects, woodworking projects as well as a high sheen gloss flood/seal coat for table-tops, bar-tops, and other wood surfaces that you would like to protect. This resin is the PERFECT resin for crystal clear flood coats! Can be poured up to 1 inch at a time with crystal clear results.

Primary Applications

  • Embedding and encapsulation

  • Resin jewelry

  • River castings

  • Bartop or tabletop

  • Molding resin

  • Art or crafting resin

  • High build coatings

  • Mass castings