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Honoring their Ancestors: How Frank and Rob Used Epoxy to Display some Family History


Frank and Rob Steer had a unique way to keep family memories alive—by using epoxy resin. After receiving some of their father’s mementos, the brothers decided to use epoxy resin to create a simple display for keepsakes from generations past, honoring their ancestors. With a combination of crystal-clear resin, colorful pigment, barnwood and souvenir steer skulls, the Steer brothers created a beautiful work of art that honors their ancestors. Keep reading to learn more about how epoxy helped display the Steer family’s history.

Design Process: Using Epoxy, Barnwood, Colored Pigment and Souvenir Steer Skulls to Create a Work of Art

This is a testament to the power of collaboration and family. Rob and Frank, two brothers born 10 years apart, came together with their wives to create a meaningful work of art that combined not only everyone's hearts and souls but also had a practical use in displaying mementos from their father.

Coat rack made with barnwood, buckles and epoxy.
Barnwood & Treasures coat rack by Rob Steer

It all started because Rob had already been creating functional art using epoxy and barnwood turning it into a coat rack. Frank seeing what Rob was doing suggested they collaborate on another project involving the family branding irons he inherited from their father. The challenge was to figure out how to integrate these elements into something that could be used for display while still preserving its artistic value. After much brainstorming and planning, they decided on using barnwood, and souvenir steer skulls Frank had picked up in his travels some 30 years ago, as the base for their project.

The layout.

Bringing in their wives to provide creative input on colour and layout, they began the process of transforming the crude materials into a work of art. The final result was a stunning piece that reflected everyone's unique style while still honoring its original purpose- displaying the family branding irons.

Building the Display/Wall Art Honoring their Ancestors

With the design and layout decided Rob knew what he had to do. He set out to build a mould, 22"x14", out of MDF covered with tuck tape.

To begin, Rob mixed a thin layer of ICE Board (2:1) epoxy, approximately 10oz and poured it into the mould. The next day he added another layer of epoxy coloured with light Grey mica powder and Steel Grey epoxy tint. Then 24 hours later placed barnwood and old souvenir (30 yr old?) skulls on top and poured enough epoxy to set the different items in their places. He repeated this process with more clear epoxy until it reached an elevated level above the barnwood.

After the last layer was cured, Rob carefully removed the display piece from its mould. Before it was ready to be admired, Rob sanded the epoxy starting with 40 grit sandpaper and finishing off with 120-grit paper. Finally, a flood coat of epoxy brought back its slick, shiny surface – resulting in an eye-catching display that will be cherished for years to come.

Hangers and Hooks: Being secure.

Rob used a French cleat to mount the finished work to the wall, which could easily carry its weight. He cut a 5" strip of 3/4" plywood and cut at a 45 degree angle (down the middle). One piece was for the back of the art piece, the second piece was then secured to the wall for hanging.

Using two screws for each side of the artwork, he secured them with a drill and pilot holes. This provided a secure way to hang the display in its intended place without worrying about it falling off or shifting over time. This method is both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy, so there's no need to worry about the security of your precious art piece.

To attach the stylish modern hooks Frank had acquired to hang the branding irons from, Rob drilled screw holes for each hook and added a drop of Epoxy in each hole before securing them onto the front of the art piece. With this method, his heavy artwork would have no trouble staying firmly attached to the wall! Not only was it functional, but also quite visually appealing with its unique mixture of materials.


The end result of this project is a stunning and meaningful work of art that honors the family's legacy. Rob and Frank, along with their wives, worked together to achieve an amazing combination of materials that could be used for display while still preserving its artistic value. Through careful planning, experimenting with different pigments and epoxy, skillful layering techniques, and strategic hangers/hooks they were able to transform old items into something new and beautiful – creating something that will be cherished by future generations! This example shows just how powerful collaboration can be when it comes to building creative works of art out of everyday materials. With some imagination and effort, anyone can turn an ordinary piece into extraordinary artwork! So go ahead: get inspired and start creating! Who knows what amazing work of art you could create using Epoxy, Barnwood, Colored Pigment and Treasures.


Q. What type of wood was used to mount the artwork?

A. Rob used 3/4" plywood for mounting the artwork.

Q. How were the hooks secured to the front of the art piece?

A. The hooks were attached by pre-drilling a screw hole and adding a drop of epoxy in each hole before securing them onto the front.

Q. What type of epoxy was used for this project?

A. Rob used ICE EPOXY'S ICE Board (2:1) epoxy.

Q. How did they ensure that the artwork would stay securely attached to the wall?

A. Rob used a French cleat to mount the finished work, which could easily carry its weight. The second piece was then secured to the wall for hanging.

Let's get creative together!

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