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Looking to wow with your next jewelry or keychain project? Look no further than our Geometric Open Back Frames! This collection of ten eye-catching designs will bring your projects to life with their high-quality and unique details. Your guests won't be able to keep their eyes off of these remarkable frames – and neither will you.

These frames aren't just beautiful, they're highly durable and versatile as well. From earrings to necklaces or keychains, the Open Back Frame makes it easy to integrate any design into a beautiful finished product. And with ten stunning shapes available, you'll never run out of creative possibilities.


Not only are these frames great for professional work, but they're perfect for novice crafters too. With all the dazzling designs, you can focus on making something special without compromising on quality. Plus, our clear instructions make assembly easy so you can get down to business quickly! 


So if you're aiming for that unique look for your next crafting project, our exclusive Geometric Open Back Frames are the perfect choice. Get yours today and watch as heads turn when people catch a glimpse of your brilliant creation!

Geometric Bezel Frame

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