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D's Studio/Workshop

Step into The Studio, a creative haven where your dreams come to life! Are you ready to embark on projects that require the magic of epoxy? Look no further – we've got you covered!

At The Studio, we offer highly informative workshops that will introduce you to the exciting world of epoxy. Join us for our deep-pour epoxy and surface epoxy workshops where you will gain hands-on experience and learn everything you need to know about working with this exquisite material.

For those drawn to the art of painting, we also collaborate with Diana Steer Arts to bring you captivating painting workshops. To learn more about these workshops, visit Diana Steer Arts' website at

Explore our weekly calendar below or click on the tabs to discover the classes and workshops that ignite your creativity. Let your artistic journey begin at The Studio!



"I first met Diana when a friend invited me to an epoxy class. I loved it!! She was very patient and clear in her instructions and my piece turned out beautifully. I then saw the other classes she offered and was even more interested! I once had the hobby of painting but as the years went on hobbies became a thing of the past. Due to a massive stroke and my unplanned early retirement, I found myself searching for hobbies lost due to work commitments. I saw Diana’s Bob Ross painting classes and that spark that had gone so dim was reignited. I’ve now taken three Bob Ross painting classes and felt her instruction helped me create pieces I was proud to not only display but even gave one away as a gift. Diana is an amazing artist, and an instructor with a great deal of patience, and her passion shines through when her students have a look of shock at what they’ve accomplished!  I would highly recommend her classes to anyone! I know I am going to continue with them!" 

Paula Bennett, Student of Life

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