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Epoxy & Art Resin Workshops

Woodworkers / Artists / Hobbyists / Furniture Makers



Are you looking for an exciting way to level up your creative and woodworking skills? Look no further than our Deep Pour Epoxy Workshops! Perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike, we offer comprehensive classes where you can learn all about the unique properties of ICE EPOXY’s highly reliable ICE Cast and ICE Board resins.

Our industry-leading skilled instructor will provide in-depth instruction on all the materials and techniques needed to create unique epoxy projects in a safe and easy manner. Get insights on specific epoxies and safety precautions, understand mould construction, and pick up tips on how to add colour, wood and objects to your epoxy creation. All supplies are included in every workshop, so you don’t need to put much effort into preparing.

So start your journey in the art of epoxy! Our Deep Pour Epoxy Workshops are open to woodworkers, wood turners, furniture makers, crafters, artists and sign makers of all backgrounds and skill level. We guarantee you will build confidence in your epoxy work as you have fun in the process!

ART RESIN Workshops

Are you looking for a unique and creative way to add artistic flair to your projects? Look no further than D's Art Resin Workshops! At D's Art Resin Workshops, we take all the hassle and guesswork out of using epoxy. We use ICE EPOXY’S ICE Thin and ICE Board depending on the project so that you can be confident of the best results.

In our workshops, it is our mission to teach and guide you through everything you need to know to create amazing pieces. Our sessions explore the different types of epoxies and when to use them, and we also provide comprehensive instruction on safety protocols so that you can work with confidence. We further provide ideas and techniques on the use of different moulds and how to add colour, wood and other objects into your epoxy projects. All the materials and supplies necessary are provided for you in the workshop, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

We understand the importance of art and craft projects and we strive to provide an amazing creative learning experience. So why not book one of our workshops today and discover the wonderful world of art resin!

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Re-Surfacing like the Pros

Fancy having a countertop that looks like the professionals made it but without having to pay their prices? PurEpoxy's Re-surfacing like the Pros workshop is your answer!

This one-of-a-kind workshop puts the power in your hands and gives you the skills to make your own countertop. Our Coatings Specialist will talk you through our PE-100 epoxy and provide you with all the tips and tricks to make it look like a million dollars without breaking the bank.


Plus, our amazing metallic powders, dyes and paste will let you create a surface according to your exact specifications.

No matter your target audience,

Re-surfacing like the Pros has something for everyone; from the aspiring hobbyist to the enthusiastic professional. You'll leave the workshop with a beautiful 2'x2' sample and the confidence that you can create the surface of your dreams at home.


Get the pro-look for a fraction of the cost with D's Re-surfacing like the Pros Workshop today!

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