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The Work

Get a glimpse into the fabulous work of Diana and her top-notch crew! Here you'll discover some inspiring, stunning images along with behind-the-scenes stories to make your jaw drop. We're sure you won't be disappointed - these pros have an impressive portfolio full of successful projects worth bragging about!



Charcuterie Boards

A great Deep Pour Project.  Whether you are using it as a Charcuterie (Serving) Board or as Wall Art these are fun projects to do.


Smith Farmhouse Kitchen

This 1920s Kitchen had 3 countertops from 3 different eras.  During the prep Rob's crew discovered there was nothing but studs behind the backsplash.  After having a piece of MDF cut to size it was epoxied at the same time as the countertops.  Once cured it was installed and provided a seamless finish.



Brown Residence

This was a 1700 sq ft home.   Rob epoxied over the New concrete floor.  Started with a black base prime. The next day his crew added Flash Brown/Satin Bronze colour mix.  Finished with a high-wear topcoat.


Final Resting Place

This was a very personal project for me.  I created this Urn after my Mom passed in 2021.  I included a birth colour for each of her daughters so that she would have them with her through eternity.  The heart pictured in the wood was a surprise.

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