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How to Make an Artistic Free Form Vessel Out of Epoxy

Looking for a unique way to bring some artistic flair into your home? Look no further than epoxy! With it, you can craft beautiful and one-of-a-kind free form vessels that are perfect for any room. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or an eye-catching conversation starter, read on to find out how easy it is to make your own free form vessel with epoxy.

Let's get started!

Materials Needed

To make your own free form vessel, you'll need the following materials:

- Ice Epoxy's "IceThin" epoxy (A:1 B:1)

- Mixing cups

- Mixing sticks

- A protective surface (like a craft mat or plastic table covering)

- Plastic bag/sheet

- A large shallow dish, a stand and a plastic/metal container to help shape your vessel

- Mica powders/dyes/additives

Now you're ready to start creating! Don't forget to work in a well ventilated area and wear gloves, at all times, and a mask/protective eyewear as required.

Preparing the Surface

The first step to making your free form vessel is to prepare the surface. Start with the large shallow dish and place a plastic bag/sheet on it. The bag/sheet needs to be thick enough not to melt as the epoxy cures but not so thick that it will not bend when it comes time to drape and form the vessel.

Mix and Apply your epoxy.

IceThin is a 1-to-1 mix, equal parts A (resin) and B (hardener). I used 500ml (16.9 oz) to create my free form vessel. Mix thoroughly, scraping the sides and bottom of your container, for a minimum of 3 minutes. Divide into 2 or 3 smaller cups and add your colour/additive choices to each cup and mix. After colour is mixed let cups stand for no more than 30 minutes. Pour epoxy onto plastic in the shallow dish. Create your design by dragging your mixing stick through the epoxy as much or as little as you choose. Use a heat gun to pop surface bubbles. DO NOT let the heat gun hover in any one spot as you risk melting the plastic beneath the epoxy. Let sit for 7-8 hours before trying to drape the epoxy over the stand.

Finishing Touches and Tips for Successful Project Outcomes

Finishing Touches

Once the epoxy has almost hardened, it's time to finish off your vessel! Place a container onto your stand and carefully drape the epoxy over it (plastic sheet and all). Gravity will start pulling the epoxy down. Depending how close the epoxy is to hardening will determine the height of your vessel. You can use careful pressure to help shape the vessel.

Tips for Successful Project Outcomes

-Allow yourself plenty of time to get familiar with Ice Epoxy, especially the mixing process and safe working temperatures.

-Since epoxy is a chemical, it’s important to work in a well ventilated area and properly protect yourself.

-Allow extra time for experimenting and make sure to keep any tools or other materials handy, such as a heat gun and popsicle sticks.

-Test out different color combinations and additives before you begin your project.

-Be careful not to overheat the epoxy as it may melt the plastic beneath it.

-Take your time when draping the epoxy to get the desired shape.

-And finally, most importantly, have fun and enjoy creating something truly unique!


Creating a free form vessel with epoxy is a great way to add unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to any room in your home. With just a few simple steps and materials, you can craft beautiful vessels that are sure to be conversation starters! Now that you know how easy it is, get started on creating your own vessels and make sure to check out D's Epoxy Creates for all the materials you need. Visit and start making your own unique creations today! Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about Creating Free Form Vessels with Epoxy

Q: What type of epoxy should I use for my free form vessel?

A: IceThin is a great choice as it will create a sturdy, transparent and flexible product.

Q: How much epoxy do I need for one vessel?

A: 500ml (16.9 oz) should be enough for a medium size vessel.

Q: How long does the epoxy need to cure before I can start working with it?

A: Allow 7-8 hours for the epoxy to harden before attempting to drape and shape it.

Q: Can I use a heat gun on the epoxy?

A: Yes, but be careful not to overheat or linger in one spot as it may melt the plastic beneath the epoxy.

Q: Where can I buy Ice Epoxy and other materials needed for this project?

A: Visit for all the materials you need to start crafting your own epoxy vessels.

Happy creating!

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