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Smith’s Hi-Wear 90S is a 3-Component clear or 4-Component pigmented, Aliphatic Chemical Resistant High Traffic Urethane.  Its high durability and abrasion resistance make it an ideal topcoat for production and heavy manufacturing environments with potential for exposure to forklift and pallet jack castor traffic, exposure to hydraulic fluids, cutting fluids, solvents and many other aggressive chemicals or traffic. 

Due to it’s high solids content and abrasion resistance, the single coat application of Smith’s Hi-Wear 90S applied at >535 sq.ft. per gallon outperforms 2 coats of most other Polyurethane, Polyaspartic or Polyurea  based topcoats in longevity, stain and chemical resistance. 

Yields a Low Sheen finish with a slight texture which helps minimize traffic patterns on the floor surface.


RECOMMENDED USE (Topcoat over approved resinous systems):

  • Avionics – Manufacturing & Aircraft Hangars
  • Automotive – Manufacturing & Service
  • Food & Beverage – Production & Distribution
  • Pharmaceutical – Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Healthcare & Veterinary
  • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
  • Forklift / Pallet Jack Traffic
    • Aisleways
    • Loading Docks
    • Warehouses


  • Developed for heavy traffic & abusive environments
  • Greatly improves the service life of the coating system
  • Resists development of traffic patterns & finish dulling
  • Excellent rolling load resistance to forklift traffic
  • Improves light reflectivity
  • Easy to clean
  • High chemical resistance to most alcohols, caustics, fuels, oils & solvents
  • Meets FDA standards for flooring
    • Does not harbor growth of bacteria nor fungi
  • Overnight return to full service
  • High yield per gallon coverage
  • Extended working time
  • Low Odor & Low VOC’s

Hi-Wear 90S Aliphatic Urethane

Excluding GST/HST

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