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We have the know-how you need


About Us


We are your epoxy distribution experts providing high-quality epoxy, concrete coating products, and Art Resins.  With our range of epoxies and liquid coatings, you can create amazing floors, countertops, beautiful works of art, or simply protect a project for years to come.           

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Warning: Resin art is contagious. Stay away if you are allergic to creativity

Gift Boxes

Starts December 1st - 23rd!

Holiday Sale

Finding the perfect holiday gifts for everyone can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Plus, who wants to give the same old boring presents year after year?

It's frustrating when you want to give something unique and exciting but struggle to find options that fit within your budget. And let's be honest, traditional gifts can be a bit, well, uninspired.

That's where D's Epoxy Creates comes in! With our holiday sale, you can find gifts for everyone at every price point. Get your creative loved ones a workshop to learn the art of using epoxy, or gift your mancave (aka garage) with a stunning epoxy floor that will have everyone's jaws dropping. It's time to elevate your gift-giving game and make this holiday season truly unforgettable!

What We Offer

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In the Studio you can take scheduled classes or drop in and do your own thing.

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Need something special for someone special? Take a look at our gallery and contact us with your idea.

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Discover the endless possibilities of epoxy with our helpful blog posts.



Let us connect you with our Preferred Installers for Epoxy Flooring and Countertops.

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D's Blog

What Our Customers Say

Cheryl Miller

I just had the best experience shopping for epoxy supplies at D's Epoxy Creates! When I first heard about this online store, I was a bit hesitant. I'm so glad that I took the chance and placed an order – it was totally worth it!

Longhorn Painting & Epoxy

Purepoxy has been a game-changer for my business! I've used it to complete dozens of projects, and the results are always stunning. Floors and countertops, all look vibrant and inviting when Purepoxy is applied - it's truly amazing! And it is made in Canada.

Grace St. James

If you’re looking for a workshop to unleash your creativity, D’s Epoxy Creates is the place for you!

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